In September of 2013, fashion editor Heathermary Jackson curated an art show at the Great Jones Space. The show, "Stacey Adams and the Brownstone Cowboys," featured the works of James Concannon, Jade Bearreau, Jason Levins, and Jake Lamagno. The show was met with much success, and the energy was magnetic. After the show's closing, Heathermary felt the desire to continue this journey, to curate something more permanent and with a broader reach, while keeping the eclectic and collaborative energy of the show alive. Thus was born. 

Employing the help of her friends, artist James Concannon and designer Pamela Love, as collaborators on the project, Heathermary Jackson built something extremely unique. Combining fashion, art, music, and literature of creators both old and new, Brownstone Cowboys is part flea market, part library, and part virtual art gallery. Shop through vintage selected by Pamela Love and Heathermary Jackson, buy prints from featured artists, and sift through a library of carefully curated vintage art publications and independent magazines, all while listening to themed playlists created by music connoisseur Kyle Sweetgum and guest curators.

The Brownstone Cowboys is a work in progress and something that will continually evolve, much like the clothes we love and live in, the clothes hand-selected here, and we hope you enjoy both as they are today. Welcome to our home!

Photos of James Concannon's work at "Stacey Adams and the Brownstone Cowboys" by Allison Beinart.