Jake Lamagno explores the ideas of death and decay while presenting them as something beautiful and celebratory. His materials range from precious metal leaf and bone to reclaimed wood and old hardware, culminating into something both beautiful and macabre. Jake is also the co-owner of The Hunt NYC.

Visit The Hunt NYC at thehuntnyc.com

Jason Levins is a Brooklyn based photographer that strives to create something surreal out of something ordinary. All shot in 35mm, Levin's photographs transform his everyday experiences into something fantastic and mysterious. Enigmatic Smile is his most recent collection of images, presented as an 86-page book.

Visit his website at staticonthebrain.com

Jade Berreau is a Brooklyn based artist that works in both found materials and photography to create erotic and haunting collages.  Playing with flat photographs and three-dimensional objects, Berreau creates a beautiful tension and conversation about control.